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deliver your tailor-made belt material

StrapRyte® has both so-called Coldknife and Hotknife cutting machines that cut strap material into the desired length. If you use a lot of belt in a standard length or width, it can be a nice job to cut it to size yourself; especially if this also has to be done accurately. You can have your belt precisely cut to size from just one roll, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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StrapRyte® Hotknife snijmachine

HF Welding / Textile strap welding

StrapRyte® welds Hook and Loop fasteners, Webbing, (Bag)band using a High Frequency welding machine  With this, synthetic strap material can be connected to each other, or fitted with, for example, plastic BucklesRings and LoopsMusketons or similar Metal haberdashery

It may be necessary to cut the strap material to size before making your product.. StrapRyte can also take care of  Cutting of Strapmaterial

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Custom Made straps

Straps, cable ties, slings, lashing straps, sling straps StrapRyte® can realize a custom made strap based on your wishes. Whether it concerns Hook and Loop fasteners, bag straps, synthetic strap material such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester or a combination of these, we produce custom-made solutions for our customers.

Adding  Plastic  or  Metal haberdashy such as plastic buckles , D-rings, musketon hooks, loops, slides, ladder locks or another type of hardware is of course possible.

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StrapRyte® Custom made straps

Tips & inspiration

As specialists in the field of Narrow Fabrics, we keep a close eye on developments. For inspiration, we like to share tips & inspiration for the products we supply as Strapryte.

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The 100% Monkey-free bag in the Apenheul is of course intended to prevent curious monkeys [...]

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Replace your Hook and Loop fasteners on your sander.

The sanding foot of (palm) sanders have a strong Hook and Pile fasteners layer ( [...]

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Hook and Loop fasteners or Velcro?

According to the dictionary, Hook and Loop fasteners is the correct spelling. But Hook and [...]

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Want to buy nylon or polyamide bag strap?

We are regularly asked what the best choice is for the type of bag strap. [...]

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Customization, stock & questions

Whether you are looking for a specific color, size or a specific material. At Strapryte you are at the right place for all questions about Narrow Fabrics. You can contact us for a free sample, custom productions that we can even keep in stock for you if you wish. Please contact us for information about our extensive customization service.