Everything you need to know about StrapRyte® Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are versatile and convenient fastening tools used in countless applications. Whether you’re looking for sew-on hook and loop, adhesive hook and loop, elastic loop, weldable options, back-to-back fasteners, or any other type of hook and loop, StrapRyte® has the solution for all your fastening needs. Join us on a journey through the world of hook and loop and discover why StrapRyte® is the go-to supplier for all your fastening requirements.

The Versatile Options of Hook and Loop

Sew-On Hook and Loop

Sew-on hook and loop is one of the most common and widely used variants. It's often found in clothing, bags, and textile products. The ease of sewing hook and loop makes it a popular choice for creative projects and repairs. At StrapRyte®, we offer high-quality sew-on hook and loop that is reliable and long-lasting.

Adhesive Hook and Loop fasteners

Adhesive hook and loop provides a quick and easy fastening solution without the need for sewing. It's ideal for quick repairs, decorative applications, and projects where convenience is key. StrapRyte® provides high-quality adhesive hook and loop that adheres firmly, even under heavy use.

Elastic Loop

For applications requiring flexibility and stretchability, elastic loop is the right choice. It offers comfortable fastening in garments, medical devices, and sports equipment. StrapRyte® offers top-quality elastic loop that is both durable and stretchy.


Micro Hook and Velour fasteners

Micro hook fastener is designed with tiny hooks and is often paired with high-quality velour, providing a very fine and delicate attachment. This makes it perfect for applications requiring a strong but subtle connection that is also thinner than a traditional hook and loop bond. Both micro hook and velour options are available in sew-on and adhesive variants, and various sizes of adhesive coins are also available.

Back-to-back Hook and Loop fasteners

Back-to-back hook and loop is perfect for situations where you need a strong connection on both sides. It's commonly used in the packaging industry, promotional materials, and numerous other applications requiring a double attachment. StrapRyte® supplies high-quality back-to-back hook and loop that is reliable and versatile.


Specialized Varieties of Hook and Loop at StrapRyte®

At StrapRyte®, we go beyond the basic hook and loop variants. We understand that different applications have unique requirements, and that's why we offer specialized hook and loop solutions, including:

Flame-Resistant Hook and Loop fasteners

In situations where fire safety is crucial, we provide flame-resistant hook and loop. This hook and loop is designed to resist flames and slow down the spread of fire, making it ideal for use in industries where fire risks are present.


Weldable Hook and Loop fasteners

Weldable hook and loop is an innovative solution often used in industrial and special applications. It can be welded to various materials, making it ideal for tough conditions where traditional fasteners may fall short. At StrapRyte®, we offer high-quality weldable hook and loop that enables reliable and durable connections.

Die-Cut Hook and Loop

Die-cut hook and loop products, such as adhesive hook and loop coins, offer easy fastening solutions for a wide range of applications. They are convenient, quick, and versatile to use.

StrapRyte®: Your Hook and Loop Partner

At StrapRyte®, we specialize in Narrow Fabrics, and hook and loop fasteners are an essential part of our extensive product range. Our hook and loop products are of the highest quality and come with a guarantee of durability and reliability. Whether you're looking for standard hook and loop products or specialized solutions, StrapRyte® is your trusted partner. Hook and loop fasteners are versatile fastening tools used in a wide range of applications. Whether you need simple sew-on hook and loop, quick adhesive solutions, specialized varieties, or high-quality products, StrapRyte® has it all. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us the best choice for all your hook and loop needs. Trust StrapRyte® for durable and reliable hook and loop solutions that meet your requirements.