Fire retardant Hook and Loop fasteners

In public places, entertainment venues such as cafes and theaters and companies, every second can count in the event of a fire. The use of fire-retardant Hook and Loop fasteners can make the difference. Of course, Hook and Loop fasteners with a fire-retardant coating are also used in (work) clothing, the aircraft and automotive industry and many other products and applications.


Quality of fire-retardant hook and loop fasteners

The basis for fire-retardant hook and loop tapes is the quality of premium sewable fasteners. A flame-retardant coating is added to this, ensuring that, in addition to the standard Öko-Tex 100 certification, the FAR.25.853 certification is also applicable. Contact us to discuss your application and request sample material.

Ordering fire-retardant hook and loop fastener

Due to its specialized nature, you will not find fire-retardant hook and loop tape in our online store. However, StrapRyte® can often supply various widths and colors directly from stock.

Widths: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm
Colors: White and Black

For more information on availability and a price quote, please contact us.

Custom production and stocks of hook and loop fasteners

Perhaps even more important for many of our customers is that we also maintain custom stocks. This can involve different widths or colors, but also applies to more standard widths and colors.

Fire-retardant hook and loop fasteners are often used in larger quantities and various ratios between the hook and loop parts. By maintaining a custom stock, we can perfectly align with your production needs. Desired volumes are then quickly delivered from stock and replenished or adjusted as needed.