The usage of weldable Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

Weldable hook-and-loop fasteners are employed when the materials or application do not permit the use of regular adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fasteners. This is particularly relevant for materials such as plastics, sails, and applications exposed to water.
The weldable variants of hook tapes and loop tapes come with a thermally reactive adhesive layer. Weldable fasteners with this thermally reactive adhesive layer can be reactivated through methods such as High Frequency (HF), thermal rollers, or similar processes. The usage is straightforward and rapid but does require the use of specialized equipment.

Testing Weldable Fasteners

To ensure that the weldable hook-and-loop fasteners adhere well to the intended materials, are compatible with your equipment, and provide the right solution, it is crucial to thoroughly test the application. If you haven’t worked with StrapRyte® before, test materials can be provided upon request.
Contact us to discuss your application and request sample material.

Ordering StrapRyte® Weldable Fasteners

Due to the specialized nature of weldable fasteners, you won’t find them in our online store. However, StrapRyte® can supply various widths and colors directly from stock.

Widths: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 100mm
Colors: White and Black

For more information on availability and a price quote, please contact us.

Custom Production and Stocking

We can also provide different widths and/or colors upon request. Importantly, we maintain customer-specific stocks, accommodating varied widths, colors, and usage ratios of hook and loop portions in weldable fasteners.
Weldable hook-and-loop fasteners are often used in larger quantities and various ratios between hook and loop sections. By establishing a customer-specific stock, we can seamlessly align with your production needs. Desired volumes are promptly delivered from stock and replenished or adjusted as needed.

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