StrapRyte® Plastic Buckles

Plastic buckles from StrapRyte® are among the most commonly used components in many products and applications due to their great versatility and favorable price-quality ratio. Whether it’s jackets, backpacks, dog leashes, orthopedic braces, or one of the many thousands of other applications, StrapRyte® buckles are an excellent choice.

Plastic buckles can be perfectly combined with our other haberdashery items such as hook and loop fasteners, webbings, and other plastic hardware

Six Different Types of Plastic Buckles

Plastic buckles (side-release buckles, parachute buckles) come in various designs. Apart from differences in appearance or shape (e.g., curved click buckles), they can also have different functions. Some buckles are adjustable on one side, while others are adjustable on both sides.

Additionally, they might have an extra safety closure or a "break-away" function to prevent choking. Of course, all buckles are available in various sizes. The stated width always refers to the width of the strap for which the buckle is suitable.

Inquire About the Possibilities

Are you looking for a specific type of plastic buckle or do you need advice to make the right choice? We would be happy to inform you about our options. You can reach us at +31 (0)13 5719847 or Contact us. Testing a buckle for your application is also possible. Feel free to request a sample.