Self-Adhesive Velour

Need an extra thin hook-and-loop connection? Self-adhesive velour combined with microhook creates an extra thin hook-and-loop connection, often providing a more luxurious appearance. Moreover, a velour and microhook connection is smoother, and the smaller hooks reduce the chance of irritation upon skin contact.

However, the number of openings of the velour and microhook is slightly lower than that of traditional hook-and-loop fasteners, and the smaller hooks result in a lower maximum force that can be applied to the connection. Nevertheless, in many applications, the combination of velour and microhook can be a beautiful alternative to traditional hook-and-loop fastener.

Self-adhesive Velour comes standard with a Hotmelt adhesive layer – on rolls of 25 meters.

Self-adhesive Velour

Self-Adhesive Velour 25mtr

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What is Velour?

Velour is a woven fabric that can take on various forms. Velour can be made from different materials and is characterized as a woven material with short raised loops. Sometimes, these loops are also cut, creating small hairs. This material can be produced on wide rolls, but as a "Narrow Fabrics" specialist, we supply velour as strapping material for various applications.

Can Velour be Combined with Traditional Hook Tapes?

Certainly, this is commonly done. The total thickness of the connection becomes slightly thicker, but still thinner than the traditional hook-and-loop connection. Additionally, the closure force increases; after all, the hooks are larger. However, this also reduces the number of openings that can be created. Larger hooks inevitably lead to faster wear and tear. If you need advice on this, feel free to CONTACT us.

Using Premium Velour

StrapRyte® delivers Premium quality Velour in various widths and colors.
Why premium? Because this is a quality of 275gr/m2. This quality is particularly suitable for the most common application, namely, a combination with Microhook.
Velour with Microhook provides a much thinner hook-and-loop connection than traditional hook-and-loop fasteners. Additionally, velour as strapping material is regularly used for product finishing.

Velour Stock Program

Currently included in the Velour stock program:

Sewable Velour in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, and 300mm - in black and
Self-adhesive velour in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm - in black and white

For other types, widths, and colors, you can contact us.

The counterpart of Velour, Microhook, is also available. Visit the Microhook Stock Program for more information.