Metal Hardware from StrapRyte: Quality and Durability

At StrapRyte, we understand the value of high-quality hardware for various applications. Our range of metal hardware is of the highest quality, designed to meet the demands of professionals in different industries.

Wide Selection of Functional Metal Hardware

Our metal hardware is known for its robustness and reliability. Whether you are looking for buckles, rings, or snap hooks, our functional metal hardware is crafted with attention to detail and craftsmanship. StrapRyte offers a wide range of metal hardware. If you don't find the type you need directly, please contact us. Not all types are available directly from stock. Additionally, existing products can be customized in some cases. This includes considerations such as the wire thickness of the metal or a welded or unwelded variant.

We provide all metal hardware with a standard silver-colored finish. Need a different color? That is also possible. Let us know what you need.

Create straps and other connections

The functional metal hardware, like the lightweight plastic hardware, can be perfectly combined with the hook and loop products, webbings, and other strap materials from StrapRyte. This allows you to create any desired connection, closure, or strap.

Need a strap or connection and can't make it yourself? StrapRyte® can also take care of this for you. With our textile cutting and welding machines, we can provide a custom-made product for you. Even in smaller quantities. Send us your request.