Twill Tape

The versatile twill tape is used in many types, thicknesses, widths, and colors. It owes its name to the woven ribs/stripes in a v-shape (twill). Generally, twill tape is used to reinforce seams or edges, which is why it is also known as reinforcement tape.


What is Twill Tape Used For?

Twill tape is multifunctional; in addition to reinforcing fabric edges, it is used for making bunting, repairing tents, towel loops, or adding accents and decorations to clothing and bags. Thinner twill tape is also widely used in promotional products such as lanyards. Polyester tape, in particular, is popular for this due to its favorable price and printing capabilities.

The Different Types of Twill Tape

StrapRyte typically keeps two types of twill tape in stock for reinforcement purposes, namely cotton and polyester. Additionally, we often see other types of tape materials being used for the same applications.

Cotton Twill Tape

The most commonly used reinforcement tape. Easy to work with, easy to wash and iron, and available in most colors and widths.

The cotton twill tape that StrapRyte keeps in stock has a thickness of 0.4mm and is available in 12 widths and nearly 40 colors.

Polyester Twill Tape

Polyester twill tape is especially ideal for outdoor use and damp conditions. Due to its lower price, this type is also used when the cost of the product needs to remain low. Hence, it also finds its way into promotional products such as lanyards. StrapRyte's polyester twill tape has a thickness of 0.3mm and is also available in various widths and colors.

Other Alternative Materials

Cotton Tape

In some cases, a heavier reinforcement tape is necessary. The Cotton webbing with a thickness of 1.2 mm can be a good alternative in these cases. This type of tape is also very versatile, flexible, and easy to work with but does not have a "twill" structure.

Nylon / Polyamide tape

Finally, Nylon Polyamide webbing is also occasionally used as reinforcement tape. Since this is often the most expensive solution, it is mainly used for products that require extra reinforcement and, at the same time, want to maintain a luxurious appearance.