Tapes & Webbings

StrapRyte® specializes in “Narrow Fabrics”. So, tapes, webbings and strap material made of various materials such as Cotton, Polypropylene, Nylon, and Polyester. In addition to an extensive stock program, StrapRyte® also customizes many more types, colors, and widths for customers. We are also your specialist for custom-made products.

You can find a wide range of strap materials from the main groups in stock:

Various Materials, Widths, and Colors

Bag straps, webbing, coupling straps, various terms used for non-elastic tapes that can be used for thousands of different applications. Depending on the application, you can choose from Polypropylene tape, Nylon Polyamide tape, Polyester webbing, or Cotton tapes.

Available directly from stock in various widths, types, and designs. Not exactly what you're looking for? StrapRyte® also provides custom-made products for many customers. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of customization.

Twill Tape, a versatile type of narrow fabrics

Twill tape is a material used for many different purposes. Firstly, for finishing edges or filling seams as in clothing, curtains, mats, tents, and similar applications. But also for towel loops, bag handles, and in museums and archives for tying files and books.

Twill tape owes its name to the herringbone weave in which it is woven. Due to the herringbone weave, the twill tape is very strong and does not fray. Twill tape often also called herringbone tape is available in cotton and polyester (mostly outdoor) in various widths and colors, including an elastic variant.

The Infinite Possibilities with Bias Tape

Bias tape is another versatile strap material that is used for various applications. Bias tape is usually known with the two folds at the back. This variant is widely used for finishing edges. But bias tape can be supplied in various widths, colors, and also folding methods. For example, when bias tape is only folded, it becomes a great base for making piping tape - a strip of fabric in which a cord is sewn.

The enormous possibilities of Bias Tape make this perhaps the item for which StrapRyte® provides the most customization and customer-specific product. If you are interested in a particular color, width, or folding method for your product that you cannot find as a stock product, discuss your customization needs with us.

Elastic Tapes

You are also in the right place at StrapRyte® for elastic tape material. You can find some types in stock with us, such as a beautiful woven elastic tape that is available in many widths and colors. In addition, the well-known buttonhole elastic is also included in the program.

But the applications for elastic band are also diverse. From clothing to heavy-duty applications such as children's playground equipment. Material, stretchability, width, and color; there are plenty of options. So here too, StrapRyte® has the possibility to provide custom-made solutions for its customers.