Velour and Microhook – An extra thin and soft hook-and-loop connection

Need an extra thin hook-and-loop closure? The combination of microhook and velour results in a thin hook-and-loop connection, which often gives a more luxurious appearance.
Furthermore, a hook-and-loop connection of Velour and Microhook is more flexible, and the smaller hooks reduce the chance of irritation when in contact with the skin.

More information about Microhook and Velour

However, the number of openings in the Velour and Microhook is slightly lower than that of traditional hook-and-loop, and the smaller hooks result in a slightly lower maximum force that can be exerted on the connection. Nevertheless, the combination of Velour and Microhook can be an alternative to traditional hook-and-loop in many applications.

Both Microhook and Velour are available as sew-on and adhesive variants. Available directly from stock in 6 widths and the colors black and white. Of course, they can also be produced in other colors and widths.

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