High quality haberdashery from StrapRyte®

Are you looking for high-quality functional plastic and metal haberdashery for your next project? Look no further! StrapRyte® offers a comprehensive range of top-quality side release buckles, cam buckles, slides, ladder locks, snap hooks, rings, cord stoppers, and much more. These hardware pieces are not only durable and reliable, but they are also available in various materials and finishes, making them perfect for various styles and applications.

A wide range of functional plastic and metal hardware

StrapRyte®'s buckle fasteners provide a sturdy and secure closure for all kinds of straps and webbings. Whether you're working on backpacks, belts, harnesses, or other accessories, these buckle fasteners ensure a reliable closure that lasts. On the other hand, the clamp buckles offer a strong grip and can easily be adjusted to different tensions, making them perfect for outdoor and sports applications, for example.

With StrapRyte®'s slides you can easily adjust the length of straps and control tightness, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit for your products. The ladder locks are ideal for applications where a strong grip is required, such as securing heavy loads. Snap hooks are perfect for attaching various items, such as keychains, ID badge holders, and much more.

As for the rings, they are available in various sizes and finishes, providing you with flexibility in your designs. Finally, the cord stoppers offer a quick and easy way to adjust and secure cords.

StrapRyte® hardware, perfectly compatible with straps and webbings

A striking feature of StrapRyte® products is their versatility in combining with different types of straps and webbings. Whether you choose nylon, polyester, cotton, or any other material type, these hardware pieces fit seamlessly and ensure seamless integration with your designs.

We also make ready-made straps!

Moreover, StrapRyte® also offers the possibility to combine all the hardware and webbing materials into custom-made products such as straps and other connections.

Not able to make a suitable connection or strap yourself? StrapRyte® can also combine its webbing material and hardware into a custom-made solution. What connection or strap can we make for you?

In short, with a range of high-quality functional plastic and metal hardware, combined with the possibility of customization, StrapRyte® offers everything you need for your next project. StrapRyte® products guarantee reliability, durability, and seamless integration for all your designs. Check out the extensive range today and discover how StrapRyte® can take your projects to the next level!