Self-adhesive Hook and Loop fasteners with hotmelt adhesive

Self-adhesive fasteners with a hotmelt adhesive, covered with an easy-to-remove Paper or PET film. After removing the film, the self-adhesive Hook and Loop fasteners are immediately ready for use. High quality Hook and Loop fasteners made of 100% polyamide (PA).

Please note, you need 2 products to make a correct connection. So you will need both a hook and loop part. Always test yourself whether the adhesive strength meets your requirements; test material is available on request

10.5067.50 excl. BTW
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10.5067.50 excl. BTW
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Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener with hotmelt adhesive layer

Specific characteristics of hotmelt-based adhesive layers include:
  • High adhesive strength; (almost) ready for use immediately after application
  • Not suitable for use on surfaces containing plasticizers (e.g., PVC)
  • Not suitable for use if the product is exposed to intense UV radiation
  • Temperature range 0°C - 70°C

  • Application instructions:
  • Clean the surface from dirt, dust, and grease
  • Preferably process the product at room temperature; extreme temperatures can affect the adhesive strength
  • The product is ready for use, but allow the adhesive layer to cure preferably for 24 hours for the best possible adhesive strength

  • Application Examples:

    A wide range of applications for creating resealable connections on surfaces that do not contain plasticizers and are not exposed to intense UV radiation.

    Colors & Widths

    Self-adhesive hook-and-loop with a hotmelt adhesive layer is available in stock in 7 widths in the basic colors black and white.
    In addition to these standard colors and widths, this product is available in 500+ colors. Most colors are available from 1 bulk packaging. Custom widths are also possible. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.