Elastic Hook and Loop fastener – when a connection must also be stretchable

Elastic Hook and Loop fastener is a woven combination of polyamide and rubber that is very sturdy. Elastic loop tape combined with a normal hook tape creates a stretchable connection with a very long life cycle.


Elastic Hook and Loop fasteners

Sewable Elastic Loop Tape 25mtr

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The application of elastic hook and loop tape

Similar to many other sewable hook and loop tapes, this type also comes equipped with sewing strips on both sides, making it easy to process with a sewing machine. Furthermore, it is suitable for a wide range of applications where a resealable connection with elasticity is needed. Finally, this woven elastic tape is often used when skin contact is involved. The material composition ensures a soft and comfortable feel on the skin.

Some examples of applications include:
  • Textile products
  • Bandages
  • Various medical products

Available in different colors and widths at StrapRyte® in Tilburg

Sewable elastic hook and loop tape is available in two standard colors and five widths at StrapRyte® in Tilburg. Other colors are often available from 1 bulk package onwards. Elastic hook and loop tape is available in rolls of 25 meters.
Note that often two products are needed to make a proper connection; a combination with a hook part is usually necessary.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities

Sewable elastic hook and loop tape is not the type of hook and loop tape that most users normally apply. We can imagine that you may have questions about its application in your product(s). Therefore, feel free to contact us with any questions to discuss how we can best assist you. You can reach us at the phone number +31 (0)13 5719847.

Testing this product or incorporating it into a prototype is also possible. StrapRyte is happy to assist you with sample material.