What is Omnitape?

Omnitape is a special variant of sewable hook and loop fastener. While typically two products with two different poles are needed to make a connection, Omnitape is a hook and loop fastener with hooks and loops on one side in a 50/50 ratio.

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More information about Omnitape

The placement of hooks and loops on one side allows this hook and loop fastener to make a connection with itself. Due to the 50/50 ratio of hooks and loops, the fastening strength is also approximately 50% compared to a traditional hook and loop closure. This type of hook and loop fastener is also of very high quality and made of 100% polyamide (PA) and has approximately the same properties as normal hook and loop tape. However, the lifecycle with a minimum of 5000 closures is slightly shorter, and the fastening strength is about 50% compared to normal hook and loop combinations. Similar to normal hook and loop tapes, this sewable variant is equipped with sewing strips on both sides, making it easy to process with a sewing machine. Examples of applications include textile products, shoes, curtains, medical products, etc.

Counterparts of Omnitape

The most commonly used counterpart of this type of hook and loop fastener is, of course, itself. However, this hook and loop fastener can also be combined with other (self-adhesive) hook or loop tapes.

Available Colors, Widths, and Variants

Omnitape is available in stock in 3 colors and 5 widths. In addition to these standard colors and widths, this product is available in other colors. Most colors are available from 1 bulk packaging. Deviating widths are also possible. Finally, this hook and loop fastener variant can also be delivered with a self-adhesive backing, for example, with a hot melt adhesive layer.

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