Water-resistant hook tape

If your product frequently comes into contact with water, then water-resistant hook-and-loop tape is an excellent choice! The adhesive strength and slide resistance of standard hook-and-loop tape diminish rapidly in water. Therefore, a specially formulated yarn has been developed for these applications to produce water-resistant hook-and-loop tape.

Available colors

Water-resistant hook-and-loop tape is only available in black; water affects color pigments, causing discoloration to occur quickly. Since water does not affect the effectiveness of the loop, water-resistant hook-and-loop tape can be combined with standard (black) loop.


Water-resistant hook-and-loop tape is equipped with sewing strips on both sides, making it easy to process the hook-and-loop tape with a sewing machine.

Application examples:Rain gear, diving equipment, water toys, swimming gear. Can be used in all applications where the connection comes into contact with water.

Counterpart: Most commonly used counterpart: standard loop (black)

Notes Please note, you need 2 products to make a proper connection. In many cases, you will also need a matching loop. Always test if the combination meets your requirements when used in water. Sample material can be made available for this purpose.