What is Mushroom tape?

Mushroom tape, is a hook-and-loop fastener where the hooks take the shape of a mushroom. The shape of these hooks requires more force to open the hook-and-loop closure. When combined with a standard loop fastener, it results in a very strong fastening. However, it should be noted that due to the stronger closure, the number of openings is significantly lower than with a traditional hook-and-loop closure.

Lifespan in terms of the number of openings for different combinations:

Mushroom – Loop fastener / Approximately 500 openings
Mushroom – Velour / Approximately 100 openings
For comparison:
Standard premium Hook tape – Loop tape / Approximately 10,000 openings

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Applications and use of Mushroom tape

Mushroom tape can be combined with: Sewable loop tape Sewable velour Or either of these two in an adhesive variant if the substrate or application requires it. In some cases, no counter element is required. Mushroom tape is often used to prevent the shifting and buckling of carpets. If the carpet has a felt backing, it can often hook well onto the mushroom tape.

Colors and widths of Mushroom tape

StrapRyte® supplies Mushroom tape in Black and White as standard. Other colors are possible, but only produced specifically for the customer. Mushroom tape is available in 3 widths as standard and can also be supplied in 9 widths.

Other types and applications of Mushroom tape can also be supplied with adhesive if the substrate requires it. But there are more applications. For example, mushroom can also be combined back-to-back with a loop fastener. While the normal hook and loop in a back-to-back design already provide a strong bundling band, the same concept, but with mushroom - loop band, provides an even stronger closure.

Creating a strong hook-and-loop closure: What are the options?

As mentioned, combining mushroom tape with a standard loop band creates a much stronger hook-and-loop closure than a standard hook-and-loop combination of the same width. However, the number of openings decreases significantly, making this mushroom tape mainly an option for a strong connection that does not need to be continuously opened.

If a stronger hook-and-loop closure is required that can be opened regularly, the use of standard premium hook-and-loop is necessary. Increasing the width of the hook-and-loop can also increase the closing force.

We always recommend testing if there are any doubts about whether the final choice meets your requirements. StrapRyte® can always provide material to determine which option is right for you.