Want to buy nylon or polyamide bag strap?

We are regularly asked what the best choice is for the type of bag strap. Because the best choice depends on a number of situations, we cannot always answer that question. What we can do is explain in an article what the difference is and how you can make the choice yourself.

The difference between Nylon & Polyamide webbing

Nylon or polyamide webbing is stronger than polypropylene in terms of material. A thinner webbing is often more resistant to breaking than a thicker polypropylene variant. In addition, nylon is an excellent choice for applications requiring high abrasion resistance. Nylon is also used by many users because of its thin, soft and luxurious appearance. Nylon is less suitable for use in or around water. Nylon absorbs water quickly, which can cause mold and rot.

What does your ideal bag strap meet?

In addition to the different types, widths and colors of nylon and polyamide webbing that you can buy in our webshop, it is also possible to produce the webbing in various thicknesses and weave structures. As a result, technical aspects, thicknesses and the like can differ from each other. It is also possible to produce a tubular woven webbing that is stronger than a single-sided webbing. Let us know your wishes and we will produce the ideal webbing for you. Call +31 (0)13 5719847 to pass on your wishes.

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