Klittenband High Frequency


Hook or loop tape with a self-adhesive PVC-based backing that provides an adhesive strength of up to 3.8 kg/cm.
The adhesive layer can only be activated by means of Ultrasound, heat, solvent or MEK.


For high frequency welding you need special equipment!

Characteristics for HF adhesives
– Extreme adhesive strength
– Can be used on surfaces containing plasticizers (eg soft PVC)
– Wide temperature range -20°C – 120°C
– High moisture and UV resistance

Application Instructions:
– Clean the surface from dirt, dust and grease
– Use one of the described application methods
– The product is ready for use after 1 hour, but preferably let the adhesive layer harden for 72 hours for the best possible adhesive strength

Application examples
A wide range of applications for creating resealable connections in situations where the surface contains plasticizers and/or is exposed to UV and moisture.


Most used opposites:

Colors & Widths

HF is available in white and black and in widths 16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50 and 100mm. Available from 1 bulk pack. Contact us to discuss the possibilities


HF is available:

– Per 25 mtr roll in bulk packaging


Please note, you need 2 products to make a correct connection
You need special equipment! Always test yourself whether the adhesive strength meets your requirements; test material is available on request

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