NEW ! January 2022 – Micro Hook Hook and Loop fasteners

We have been selling micro hook Velcro for a long time, but because demand continues to increase explosively, we cannot avoid supplying more different types, widths and colors from stock.

What is Micro Hook Touch fasteners?

Microhook is a Hook and Loop fasterners that is produced in a different way than traditional Hook and Loop fasteners. This production process lends itself to adjusting the size of the hooks. The name says it all, micro hook touch fasteners is a hook and loop fastener with small hooks and is often combined with velour. This creates a Hook and Loop fasteners connection that is much thinner than a connection with traditional hook and loop tape

What are the advantages of Micro Hook Touch fasteners?

As already indicated, a combination of Micro hook Touch fasteneres with velor ensures a much thinner Hook and Pile fasteneres connection.
Thin Hook and Pile fasteners therefore often has a more luxurious appearance. In addition, a thin micro hook Touch fasteners is more flexible and the smaller hooks provide less irritation when there is a risk of skin contact.

However, the number of openings of the Hook and Loop fasteners connection is slightly lower than that of traditional Velcro and the smaller hooks ensure that the maximum force that can be exerted on the connection is also somewhat lower.

StrapRyte® Back-to-Back Microhook Velor 20mm Black

Stock program Microhook Hook and Loop fasteneres

Currently, the stock program Microhaak Hook and Loop fasteners includes:

Sewable micro hook in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 50mm – in black and white
Self-adhesive micro hook in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 50mm – in black
For other types, widths and colours, please contact us

The opposite of Microhaak – Velor – is of course also available
To do this, go to the Velour Stock Programme

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