Hook and Loop fasteners or Velcro?

According to the dictionary, Hook and Loop fasteners is the correct spelling. But Hook and loop fasteners or velcro are other names by which these products are known. Velcro ® is a brand name of Hook and Loop fasteners created by the inventor of Velcro, Georges des Mestral, and is a portmanteau of the French words velor (velvet) and crochet (hook).

In many languages ​​such as English and French velcro has become a generic term in colloquial speech. In English hook and loop fastener and in French bande autogrippante are the common, but lesser known and applied terms for Hook and Loop fasteners.

Difference Velcro and Hook and Loop fasteners.

Velcro ® is therefore a brand name of Hook and Loop fasteners. Just like Luxaflex ® actually. In terms of quality, StrapRyte® Hook and Loop fasteners is not inferior to this well-known brand of Hook and Loop fasteners, but you pay much less. Companies that have opted for our Velcro tape like to come back to us because the quality and price ratio is excellent. In addition to our personal advice and customer service, of course! And let’s not forget the customer-specific stocks – large and small – that we hold for 75% of our customers.

Sewable Hook and Loop fasteners, many types, widths and colours

The most commonly used Hook and Loop fasteners is sewable Hook and Loop fasteners and consists of a hook part and a loop part. The traditional hook belt (hard part) and loop belts (soft part) are available in 9 widths and over 500 colours.

Of course, one of these Hook and Loop fasteners parts can also be combined with another sewable or self-adhesive Velcro, if the application or surface requires this. All our types of Hook and Pile fasteners and therefore also the hook and loop part can be ordered separately. This way you can not only order the right combination of Hook and Loop fasteners straps, but the quantities can also be adjusted to consumption.

In addition to the traditional sewable Velcro that most people will be familiar with, we supply many more types of sewable Hook and Loop fasteners.
Think of Hook & Loop in 1, Elastic Hook and Loop fasteners and Water Resistant Hook and Pile fasteners.
But also sewable Velcro with special coatings, of which Fire-retardant Hook and Loop fasteners is the best-known example for most.

Finally, a very popular alternative to traditional Velcro is the extra thin sewable Hook and Loop fasteners. Known at StrapRyte® as Microhook(hook part) and Velor (soft part)

Hook and Loop fasteners in 9 widths and over 500 colours

The standard Hook and Pile fasteners, the hook tape and the loop tape are available in 9 standard widths and more than 500 colours. This therefore does not only apply to sewable Hook and Loop fasteners, but also, for example, to self-adhesive or stickable and other types of Touch fasteners products.

You will understand that it is impossible to supply all of this from stock. A number of standard colors are designated as standard pre-products in various widths.

Self-adhesive or stickable Hook and Loop fasteners; choice of various adhesives

StrapRyte® also supplies a range of solutions in self-adhesive Hook and Loop fasteners- i.e. Hook and Pile fasteners with an adhesive layer

The most commonly used adhesive Touch fasteners tapes are those with a Hotmelt or Acrylic adhesive layer. Both are ready-to-use, easy for anyone to use as no special equipment is required. The choice of adhesive may depend on the materials and circumstances.
Some materials and applications require a weldable Touch fasteners, also known as a weldable fastener. Such as, for example, Heat Activated and High Frequency Hook and Pile fasteners straps that do have to be applied with special equipment.

A special application or simple advice?

Do you still need a special color? We then match the color you want, which can then be produced for you. If you regularly need this color for your production, we will, in consultation with you, ensure that the correct volumes are in stock for you. Call +31135719847 for personal advice. Email us at sales@strapryte.com

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