Replace your Hook and Loop fasteners on your sander.

The sanding foot of (palm) sanders have a strong Hook and Pile fasteners layer ( hook side ) to attach the sanding discs. For most do-it-yourself sanders, the manufacturers assume that this hook part on the sanding base will outlast the life of the sander itself. However, in practice it often turns out that this is not the case. The do-it-yourselfer who experiences this will also find out that it is not possible to replace this part. Almost all suppliers do not supply loose hook parts for their sanders.

Replace Hook and Loop fasteners on your sander.

Tip from Ben Keesom from Velserbroek

It is of course a great pity to buy new sanders for this reason and certainly not sustainable. A customer of ours, Ben Keesom from Velserbroek, purchased normal sewable hook tape from StrapRyte and shared with us his solution that makes a sander function like new again. He was happy to share these tips with us.

  • Remove the old Hook and Loop fasteners and any foam layer underneath with a sharp (break-off) knife (small remnants may remain behind )
  • Cut enough Hook and Loop fasteners strips ( hook side ) to cover the foot – not yet in the exact size but overlapping the foot.
  • Apply a generous amount of Bisontex to the bare foot and spread it evenly over the foot with a spatula.
  • Apply the Hook and Loop fasteners strips evenly to the foot and press lightly.
  • Place the foot with the new bottom side down on an old newspaper to allow the glue to dry – about 1 day.
  • With a sharp knife, cut or cut off the Hook and Loop fasteners that sticks out.
  • Place the base on an old wooden plate and pre-drill the hooles for the screws with the correct diameter.
  • Ressemble the foot with the screws on the sander – yyour sander works like new again !!

We hope that these tips from Ben have also helped you on your way again.

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