Made-to-measure bag for the Apenheul

The 100% Monkey-free bag in the Apenheul is of course intended to prevent curious monkeys from running off with your valuables. And because you will soon be able to enjoy the loose-fitting monkeys for many hours, the wearing comfort is also of the utmost importance.

With the help of metal hardware and bag strap, an adjustable carrying strap is part of this bag. This ensures that everyone can adjust the length of the belt to their own wearing comfort.

The strap is stitched on 1 side. Then passed through a rectangular metal passant / ring on the other side, which is also attached to the bag with another piece of strap.

Finally, the end of the strap is attached to the adjustable metal ring, creating a beautiful adjustable strap.

Used items

Rectangular ring metal
Adjustable ring metal