Bag strap: an adjustable and detachable carrying strap

Webbing, strap is popularly often called bag strap. And that is not for nothing.
With 2 pieces of sturdy “bag strap” two loops (handles) are quickly created that can be attached to the fabric with the sewing machine.

The tape can also be used for finishing, strengthening and “highlighting” edges and corners.

Finally, a detachable carrying strap can also be created with simple means.
The photo gives an example of this.

A hexagonal passant is attached to the bag on two sides.
Often this is done by first sewing a piece of strap to the passerant and then this end to the fabric of the bag.

Then a carrying strap is made of tape and a carabiner hook (non-rotatable) on either side. An additional sliding buckle or ladder buckle provides the option of easily extending or shortening the carrying strap.
The two snap hooks ensure that the carrying strap can be easily hooked into the passant and can be quickly removed if it is not desired.

The photo used:
Nylon Webbing
– Passant Hexagonal
Snap hook
sliding buckle

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